My Work is Being Stolen and Aggregated Without My Permission

Here are the reasons it is wrong to be reading my work somewhere else that is aggregating it. This writer explains 8 reasons for why it's not right. Here's the most important one:

2. Stealing

A lot of times autoblogging is flat out content theft.  Most autoblogging systems are not pulling content from sites that have given permission. In fact, most people do not even realize that their content has been reused until they stumble upon it.
Some argue that publishing an RSS feed gives people the right to republish. This is not actually the case.  When you post original content on your site, you automatically have a copyright.  People do not have the right to republish without your consent.
As much as I enjoy writing on AEM, and it is a hub for visitors from the White House, the House, the Senate, the SEC, DHS, Wells Fargo, Sallie Mae, Universities, etc., etc., I feel compelled to stop writing here because my work is being stolen. As a writer and activist who is struggling to make ends meet, this is an outrage to me. So, if you are reading my work somewhere else, please think about that long and hard. It's unethical and wrong. As a reader, I urge you to go to my site instead. At the moment, however, my energies are drained and I tired of seeing my stuff taken without my permission.