[UPDATE] CALL TO ACTION: Why has bail for those arrested in L.A. been set at $5,000?

Please write to the following Councilmembers and ask them why bail has been set so high? You can feel free to copy and paste my message below. Also, here's their website, if you also wish to call.

If you could cc me on your emails, that would be great! Keep up the fight! We're just getting warmed up!

Here's what my note looks like:

to: councilmember.reyes@lacity.org,

Dear LA Councilmembers:

It has been brought to my attention that bail for the occupiers has been set at a whopping $5000. I was informed that a non-violent monitor's bail is also in that amount. Can you explain to me why the bail is so high, and why a monitor was arrested?

Ms. Cryn Johannsen

Thanks to @OccupyColleges for bringing this situation to my attention. Follow them on Twitter!

*UPDATE* I sent several tweets to actress and comedian Roseanne Barr. She responded promptly and was very disturbed by the news. Because of her suggestion (thanks, Ms. Barr!) to create a petition via Twitter, I went ahead and created one. Please sign the petition and send it along to friends, family, etc.

Help Me Get To Iowa and NYC!

Hey folks, I am trying to get to Iowa for an interview with a reporter who writes for the Guardian - that is a major publication, as you know, so the exposure will be great for our movement. I am also raising funds to get back to NYC. If you could pitch in $5-$10, that will enable me to get to my destinations. Thanks for your continued support. You can donate via PayPal here (see the right hand-side).

Stay tuned for more news . . .

[UPDATE] Peaceful IU student protesters assaulted (forceful aggression) at JP Morgan-Chase event

Shame on this this detective! Shame on him! What is his name? Why did he shove these peaceful protesters? Is this how we treat our youth? Shame on him! Shame! Shame! Shame!

Credit: @OccupyColleges

Here is what someone wrote underneath the clip:

A group of peaceful student protesters were assaulted by detective Greg McClure with the Indiana University Police Department. There are more videos of him shoving and pushing other peaceful protesters that will be uploaded as they are collected. The students were protesting a JP Morgan-Chase Asset Managing event. This quote came from a press statement. "JP Morgan-Chase was among the major financial institutions that caused the 2008 financial collapse with its criminally greedy, fraudulent lending practices (in the forms of mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations). It should have failed then, but because of the influence Wall Street has over the government, it was bailed out, and it has used the funds from the bail-out to lobby against strong financial regulations in Congress and to pay its executives exorbitant bonuses. Worse, it has not ceased in their fraudulent practices. It has contributed enormously to the corruption of our democracy, has caused misery on a massive, debilitating scale within this country, and has a list of other crimes to its name that is too lengthy to enumerate."

Film Credit: Rachel Geiger

*UPDATE* ThinkProgress has a longer video and also reports that 5 students were arrested yesterday. Again, shame on this University! SHAME ON THE UNIVERSITY OF INDIANA. 

We Will Win: Occupy LA