Police State: Occupy Oakland Turns Dramatically Violent

Occupy Oakland has been under siege for several hours this evening - tear gas (at least 6 rounds now), rubber bullets, and flash hand grenades have been used in extreme ways. The first siege actually began around 4:30 AM PST when riot police raided the camp. Apparently, our constitutional right to peacefully assemble no longer exists, at least not in Oakland.

Here's a very disturbing testimonial from a young man, who is visibly shaken. He talks about the crowd being tear-gassed this evening, and a woman being knocked unconscious.

The man says, "The police opened fired with tear gas and rubber bullets on the crowd, and flash hand grenades. One woman fell to the ground. She was lying there unconscious, bleeding. And a bunch of us ran back to try and get her, and when we ran back, the police opened fire, like on a second round, hitting me, and I watched her - she's already on the ground bleeding - I watched a flash hand grenade land right next to her head and explode right in her face."

Here's a picture of another young man who was hit in the head with a rubber bullet. If that thing had hit his eye, he probably would have lost it.

Oh, well, so much for constitutional rights for the 99%. Welcome to the authoritarian state. It infuriates me to Look at these young men, and their sad, shaken faces. They DESERVE BETTER THAN THIS. And meanwhile the clowns on Wall Street continue to benefit from starving the rest of us, and stealing our future. Basta! Basta!

One protester injured. Rubber bullet to the head.

Source: Tweet by @OccupyOakland

Oh, and here's what a "harmless" rubber bullet looks like:

Here's what it looks like when things turn really ugly. Let's compare a massacre in 1970 to images today . . .

Kent State

Occupy Oakland


Kent State . . . Hmmm . . . does the language sound familiar? "Bums" were killed? 

And in this lovely video, the sheriff tells them if they do not leave, that "chemical agents" will be used. He also states in Orwellian terms that it is now an "unlawful assembly." Uh . . . ACCORDING TO WHOM!?!? Watch to the end, when the police knock a protester to the ground. People scramble to help the person out - it appears she has been knocked unconscious - only to be struck by more flash hand grenades. The young protesters are screaming at the police to stop attacking them, but to no avail.