Updated: [Redacted] in Ft Worth Texas and Refusal of Service

I went to my fifth Occupy this afternoon. Last week I met with various organizers at Occupy DC as well as Occupy Wall Street. Talk about being fired up and ready to go! As y'all know, I am now calling for an all inclusive Debtors Strike, and emphasizing that we don't need to asked for any goddamned loan forgiveness. In any event, last week  I was able to witness first-hand a flourishing democratic society at Zuccotti Park before it was destroyed early this week by the oligarchic police state in which we now live (and hello DHS! I like how you keep tabs on my site - love seeing you here).

Today, I went to an Occupy that's in my back yard: Occupy Fort Worth.

Before I hit the small encampment, I was thirsty and decided to pop into a small store called the [redacted] in Ft. Worth. This business is a block away from where the protesters are camped out.

When I walked in a blonde-haired man smiled at me. He was sitting at the front desk. I grabbed a bottled water and went to pay. He told me that it was a dollar something.

I pulled out my money and said, smiling, "I'm heading to Occupy."

At this point, he was still sitting. But as soon as I mentioned Occupy, he jumped out of his chair. It seemed he was shaking. I had thrown the poor, ignorant fellow off guard or something (I'll explain why he's ignorant in a moment).

"Wait . . . uh . . . wait . . . are you part of the movement?"

I was taken aback by the question as I put my money on the counter.

"Uh, no. I am a freelance journalist, and I am here to meet with them."

That seemed to quell his fears, but then he asked, "Do you support Occupy?"

I was more stunned than before. (Apparently, the ding-dong had failed to read my shirt, which I purchased for $10 in lower Manhattan to help the food kitchen. The shirt reads: I OCCUPY NYC). 

"Yes. I am in full support of the movement."

"Then I can't sell you this water."

"I don't want to give you my money!" I blurted out. I grabbed my crumpled dollar off the counter and quickly turned around to leave. 

"Shame on you! Shame on this business," I shouted. 

"Shame on y'all!"

"Well, just remember, we're doing this for people like you, too!"

So, yeah, because I support the 99%, of which I am sure this young man is also a part, I was refused service today.

Shame on this store. NO ONE should do business there, and I urge people to spread the word that the 501 Creative Group does not take money from the 99%. I guess they must just do business with the 1%. Good luck with that. 

[UPDATE]: A reader of mine just called to complain about what happened, and the owner said that the movement was filled with a bunch of "bums." Pathetic. Does this guy have the desire to hurt his brand?

Oh, and about that claim that we're all a bunch of bums, he's dead wrong. Most occupiers have full-time employment.