Debtors Strike

Let's stop using these terrible, rotten terms, like loan forgiveness and such. It only serves to undermine our efforts and our voices. We're not sinners. We did nothing wrong. That's why I have never liked the term, and haven't used it for a long time. There are better, more clever ways to accomplish what we need to accomplish. For instance, debt jubilee makes a lot more sense, and does not imply that we're coming on our knees, begging for something. We don't need to beg, and the term loan forgiveness is provocative in a bad way - it won't attract good press. It's being ridiculed, and for good reason. That language is just, well, dumb. It plays to the powers that be. We all know that the whole system is off balance, and those who are the lenders have written all the laws to turn tens of millions of Americans - with our without student loan debt - into the permanently indebted. It's time for a debtors strike and for all. It's time for all of us - workers, students, professionals of all sorts - to come together and say the following: we're through taking part in a system of economic slavery of the 99%.

We don't need anyone's goddamned forgiveness, especially those who are part of the 1%. They did this to us. They are the ones who should be arrested and held accountable for rigging a system that benefits only them, and sucks ALL of us dry.

This is our time. This is our time to seize what belongs to us. It is our country. It is our world. It belongs to all of us. We're here. We're ready. So get ready to reclaim what's rightfully yours - your life, your freedom!

Debtors Unite! It's time to free ourselves from these shackles!